I’ve finished my first full day in Sweden!  I am really enjoying Stockholm so far.  The weather has been perfect, 70s, and I got to kick off my time here with 2 things I was super excited about. Yesterday I spent my morning at Junibacken, a museum dedicated to beloved Swedish children’s books (like Pippi Longstocking). I rode the Story Train, a moving ride that moved past dioramas depicting scenes from stories along with narration, and ended at a model of Pippi’s home,  Villa Villekula! Of course I shamelessly went in to explore (along with all of the other children…). Follow this with lunch and the most colorful,  extravagant ice cream I’ve ever eaten?  With pleasure.  I spent too much money at the bookstore and the next few hours walking around in the Djurgárden, a beautiful park near the water. Then off to the ABBA museum to continue my foray back into my childhood. The museum was awesome – I mean, I like museums in general, but this one truly was an awesome museum. Interactive, bright, full of music, flashy, the whole thing!  I really enjoyed learning more about them and some light history of Swedish pop (did you know Sweden is number 3 in the world for pop music exports -as in artists and songwriters- behind the US and the UK?).
Hopefully I continue to enjoy my time here – if the weather is any indicator, it seems like I will!


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