Stockholm: check

Stockholm has been both engaging and relaxing over the past few days. My favorite day here was still the first full day, but the past few days were enjoyable as well! I spent one entire day (Tuesday) in Gamla Stan, the old part of the city, where the royal palace and Nobel museum are located. I walked there across a bridge and had a lazy lunch in a sunny square. After some exploring I went through the Nobel museum, which I have to say, was underwhelming compared to the museums I was treated to the previous day. There was some live street music to enjoy afterward to end the day. Wednesday was spent in Södermalm. I basically spent my entire day eating – first, smørrebrød at a cafe for lunch, and then coffee and chocolates (rosehip, tea, salted caramel, lingonberry). And I am zero percent guilty about any of it (one of the days this week I walked over 12 miles!).
Today I opted for a day similar to those I have on my non-traveling weekends. I started the day with a yoga class. It was a standard flow yoga class, taught in English. It was a little more “woo woo” than I’m used to (and I’m used to pretty crunchy granola yoga), but still what my body needed due to all of the walking I’ve been doing. Another lazy lunch followed by light shopping (remember the single backpack as my luggage), exploring a pastry counter at the food hall in Östermalm, and a glass of wine on the terrace at the Swedish Royal Opera House, which boats a beautiful view. I ended my day of light shopping with a rather heavy bagful of chocolates – when in Sweden…right?
The Swedes really like their sweets (and the fika, a term for a break for coffee and sweets – but there’s more of a cultural overtone to this,  I’d liken it to the Spanish sobremesa). In fact, so much so that the government made an announcement/suggestion a few years ago that Swedes only enjoy sweets on Saturdays (not a law, just a recommendation for dental/health purposes).
Sweden has been fun and my host was lovely! Next stop, Copenhagen!


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  1. OD

    Enjoy going from hip-hoppy to hap-happy! Bring back some of both!! OD

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