The hype about Copenhagen

For so many years, I’ve heard so much excitement, buzz, and hype about Copenhagen. I never really believed it because I’m not one for mainstream travel (I refer to my stint in and love for Latin America here). Well…I totally understand now.  Copenhagen really is a blast! I arrived in an exciting way, getting on the metro instead of the train and being super late to pick up my keys from my Danish host. I finally arrived at the beautiful, enormous apartment and settled in comfortably. My hosts here are fantastic and extremely helpful and social. They gave me a multitude of suggestions for sights to see as well as foods to eat (my favorite thing).
I started off my first full day here with a visit to the Black Diamond, a modern extension of the Danish Royal Library (anyone else noticing my apparent trend of starting each city with a bookworm outing?). There I saw some old papers from people like Nietzsche and Hans Christian Andersen. I had a small lunch as suggested ahead of time by the guide that led the dessert food tour I did next. 3 hours of walking, talking with Danes (I got lucky and was the only foreigner there, so I had 5 Danes to myself to learn about culture and customs in Denmark! ), and consuming an obscene amount of sugar?  Highlight of my trip so far. Food tours are expensive, but if you are with a good group, oh so worth it (check out the Sweet Tooth Tour by Foods of Copenhagen if you ever decide to do it!).

Treats sampled included:
•Napoleon hats
•Blackcurrant white chocolate truffles
•A sampling of pies
•Cinnamon buns
•Apple wine
•Chocolate coated licorice
•Blackcurrant candy and chocolate covered licorice
•Gourmet porridge
•Vegan ice cream sandwiches

After the tour I somehow managed, in my sugary stupor, to make it to Tivoli Gardens to hear some live jazz (the Copenhagen Jazz Festival is going on) and walk the beautiful grounds.
Yesterday was also a full day. I started at Christiansborg Palace (where Parliament meets) and made my way to Torvehallerne, a food hall. On my way I happened upon the best live jazz I’ve ever heard. They were a large group, and did some jazzy covers of popular songs as well as originals! I was also fortunate to discover a hot dog truck beside them with vegetarian hot dogs – yum! Eventually I got to the food hall… where I ate some more. Then it was off to Magasin, an enormous Danish department store, to see Hans Christian Andersen’s old apartment. One of the women from the food tour had told me to go in and ask about it, as it’s not really mentioned in any guide books or websites. A sales girl let me in (private tour!) and told me a little bit about it and Magasin, which used to be a hotel with slums behind it. After some shopping and trying floedeboller (again, per Danish recommendation), I took myself to dinner at a ramen restaurant and finally went home, exhausted!
One more day in Copenhagen and then the last stop: Oslo.


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