Asante, Nairobi!

We started our last day in Nairobi in the afternoon, first heading to the Sarusaki Dance Trust to check out an open rehearsal of a dance performance. It was a mix of both African and modern dance, and it felt good to check out some local art. Next stop, Ranalo Foods, a downtown restaurant with authentic Kenyan cuisine where we had a full fried tilapia and greens, and ate with our hands.
Next up, a long drive to the Kazuri bead factory. Our tour guide n told us I was kazuri, which is Swahili for “small and beautiful.” The bead factory employs single mothers to make beautiful handmade beads from clay, and sends them all over the world to fair trade shops to be sold. After some shopping at the bead factory, we went to a Masai market which was also near a bookstore for me to keep with my tradition and purchase a children’s book for my international collection. Our day ended with another visit to thr David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to see the evening elephant feeding and bedtime. The first one in line running for her supper was baby Esampu! I watched her eat and wind down for quite some time, also learning that she is often hungry and also cheeky…not unlike me. We headed back to the hotel to get a couple hours of sleep before the next very long day – flights to Budapest with a layover in Istanbul.
My concluding thoughts about Kenya are that I mostly just can’t believe that we were allowed to be so close to wildlife. That’s something that we never get in the United States, and it was absolutely worth the trip to Africa to touch a baby elephant, see multiple dazzles of zebras, and watch giraffes graze on the side of the road.


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